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What is this assignment ? One of the most difficult tasks for anyone beginning t

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What is this assignment ? One of the most difficult tasks for anyone beginning to study in a specific field is learning the discipline- specific terminology. Think about it: lawyers write legal briefs in very particular ways, so do medical students when writing case studies. In art history, part of what you study is the discipline itself, its methodologies, its fields of study, and its terminology. You may have already noticed that terms like “style” or “form” are used in art history in a different way than in popular culture or fashion. So for your writing assignment, I am going to give you very specific guidelines to help guide you in writing your essay. The most important thing to consider is: have you prepared? Have you done the assigned readings and paid close attention to the terminology learned in the reading quizzes? Have you participated fully in the discussion sections and really used that as an opportunity to learn? If so, good! You have prepared yourself for this next stage. If you have not, you have to do some catch up and review, but you will have another opportunity at the end of the class to do this again. So this stage will be a good assessment of where you are in the class in terms of your learning. How to complete it successfully: Your assignment is to write a brief paper (500-700 words) making a comparison between these two artworks; and one is a Byzantine artwork form the Eastern part of the Roman Empire, the other from its Western, medieval part. Ruler portrait of Otto III (f.24), Gospels of Otto III (Munich, Bayerische Stattsbibliothek, Clm.4453) You must make specific visual to the examples shown below. Your comparison should be broken down as follows:Paragraph 1: Begin with a topic sentence about style in art history specific to the Byzantine/Medieval. Your paragraph will go on to describe the stylistic differences and similarities between these two works, making specific reference to the actual artworks. You should make reference to SmartHistory sources only, do not bother to google these artworks since thst information will be irellevant. Focus only on your online textbook. Paragraph 2: Begin with a topic sentence about historical context in art history specific to the artwork you are describing here. Describe the different historical contexts of each artwork. How is each work characteristic of its respective culture (its cultural, religious, or political beliefs)? Be sure to state how.Paragraph 3 Begin with a topic sentence that summarizes your main points. YOU MUST RESPOND to the following question in your conclusion making reference to the artwork you have chosen: How are elements of classical culture preserved and transformed in the art of the Byzantine and Medieval worlds? If you follow these prompts exactly as outlined, and write in a clear, concise way with appropriate terminology, and without unnecessary or irrelevant information, you will have written an excellent essay!DOs: integrate information about subject matter and history into your visual analysisDONTs: copy random and irrelevant information about the artwork and use it as filler. Make sure to write your essay on a word document and then save it to your desktop. That way you will have a copy in case of any issues.
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