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With this final drawing, you will explore breaking the rules of illusion and usi

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With this final drawing, you will explore breaking the rules of illusion and using color in warm/cool patterns to create a work of art.Set up a still life of five or more objects, include a table cloth, blanket, or color scarves that are arranged in an interesting way. Light the still life, if you have colored lights you may use them. Colored lights can be fun since they create complementary colored shadows. Here I have a green light and a magenta light. Notice how the magenta light creates yellow-green shadows and the green light creates magenta shadows.Photograph your still life for the submission.Same still-life with a different angle.Another still life with red and blue lights. The blue is giving a yellow shadow and the red is giving a violet shadow, not technically opposites on the color wheel, so you could say my light is more orange than red.Same still-life with a different angle.Do not worry if you do not have colored lights. I just wanted to show you these setups to get your imagination going and show how imaginary color can be playful.On the charcoal drawing paper draw out the still life with your HP pencil and shade with the chalk pastels. Fill the entire paper with things such as including the table and background. Take a 1/2 way photo.Select a limited pallet of two warm colors, such as yellow and red, and two cool colors, such as blue and purple. Plus, you may use black and white. The colors of the objects do not need to be their natural or “local” color.Layer the colors to create blended and unblended areas. Spray the drawing periodically so that it can accept more chalk. Apply the “breaking the rules” principles that Cézanne did in his revolutionary paintings including:1. Geometric shapes with outlining.2. Unblended strokes.3. Warm/Cool color combinations on the same object.In this video, I have a larger piece of paper than I had you get, so do not worry about the exact size. Just use the charcoal paper pad from my supply list.Andy SalgadoAmanda De La PazRachael ReyesDiana GonzalezPamela SandovalGabriela OrozcoSamantha MorenUnknown Studentturn in picture of the still life from 2 angles and the final drawing (be sure that the final drawing has a post-it on the bottom corner saying “Nousha V 12/14/2020”)
.doc file