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Write a few paragraphs about the 3 viewings you watch, and then write 1 paragrap

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Write a few paragraphs about the 3 viewings you watch, and then write 1 paragraph response to each of the 2 students. Prompt: After watching the trilogy of films in Triumph of Illusion, what did you find most interesting and why? Use specific details to illustrate your points.Student 1: After watching the videos, I learned that there are places all over the nation that don’t have access to clean water. In the video “Muerte Silenciosa” I was surprised to learn that California has cities and counties that haven’t had access to clean water for decades. Jim Costa, a California representative mentions “the politics of water have been fought for decades” and how “water is a great source of division” in the video. Hearing this angered me. Water is not political nor should it be. Water is a neccasary component to life, it should be available to everyone despite their financial backgroud or geographic location in the world. It should also be clean and safe water that does not get people sick. I believe that as a resident in the United States clean water, food, and other neccasary goods should be available no matter what. People are having to pay their water bills for water that isn’t even drinkable. More news coverage and attention is needed to educate the people of America and show how horrible and time-sensitive this issue is. America can’t be the “land of the free and home of the brave” if the necassary components to life aren’t available to it’s people for free or at a low cost and if our politicians and people in power aren’t brave enough to help make change. Student 2: After watching the films in Triumph of Illusion what I found most interesting was the part in Stolen Paradise that talked about how important water is for life. A quote that stood out to me was ” once you spread water you spread life”. This was interesting to me becuse it protrayed how important water is to have as a resource. Another quote that stood out to me was ” water is the life blood to our culture”. It also talked about how water is becoming less available and how much it has dissapeaered over the year. There were some places that became completly dried up. They also talked about how LA would not have been what it is today if it was not for imported water. Viewing 1: VIewing 2: Viewing 3:
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