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Writing Assignment # 3 Origins of World War One Who was Responsible for World Wa


Writing Assignment # 3 Origins of World War One Who was Responsible for World War One? Using the accompanying primary source documents- various correspondences between the major figures associated with the war to complete the following: > Examine the cartoon included in the list of resources for this assignment. The cartoon was first published in the Chicago Tribune just after the beginning of the war. What is the message the cartoonist is trying to convey? > Which nation or individual would you attribute blame? Consider which seemed the most belligerent – Russia? Austria? Serbia? Belgium? Britain? or Germany? ; > Develop a thesis – your opinion – with specific references to the sources provided with this assignment, [no outside sources] explaining who you would blame for the outbreak of the war. You must choose only one nation or individual. > Explain the justification or explanations that at least three nations or individuals could use to absolve themselves of blame for the war. Remember to support your thesis using evidence from the documents in a clear and logical manner; To cite your sources – simply include an identifying note at the end of the statement- i.e. Yada Yada Yada …(Blank Check.) The Grading Rubric : 6 points – Consult the GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS for guidance on format of your essay, including Identification information in top, left corner; writing the intro paragraph, body & conclusion; font; margins etc 6 points – Your ability to present and sustain a thesis [your argument/opinion regarding the task] in a clear and organized essay; 2 points – proofread for misspellings, capitalizations, italics [where appropriate], syntax, sentence and paragraph structure; does the paper reflect your ability to write a cohesive and coherent, college-level paper? 3 points – political cartoon interpretation; 3 points – your explanation why three nations or individuals would not be blamed for starting the war.