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You are to produce a unit of instruction. This unit will contain elements as lis

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You are to produce a unit of instruction. This unit will contain elements as listed below, but must be presented in Microsoft PowerPoint or an equivalent. There is to be a maximum of 20 slides. The intent is for you, the candidate, to see the big picture for instructional design with regard to a specific topic. InstructionsThe following elements must be present in the Unit Portfolio:Title page with your name, course and section number, date of submission, and title of unit.
Subsequent slides include the following:Section 1The subject of the overall unit
State and national standards addressed by the unit
A listing of the general goals
Section 2The specific character principles (and where these principles will be focused on)
Section 3A review of the specific learning objectives covered by the entire unit
A listing of the key critical concepts being addressed in the unit
Section 4The unit map showing the main unit theme and the lessons related to the central theme and to each other.
The unit schedule: A description of the Unit Duration (not actual dates but rather a schedule of days)
The course map: The context of that unit (a course map of all units for that grade/ subject combination and a demonstration of where that unit is) as related to the overall course.
Section 5An overview of the learning activities to be included in the unit (including the lessons that have been detailed).
A list of all resources and materials to be used (and which lessons these resources will be used for).
Section 6A description of the classroom diversity and differentiation (can be identical to the lesson plans) and how these are being considered. This must include both cultural and learning diversification.
Section 7The diagnostic assessment tool employed at the beginning of the unit.
The formative assessments interspersed appropriately among the lessons.
Section 8A description of the diagnostic, formative and summative assessments.
Section 9A description of how this unit considers curricular connections.
Terms and Expectations ExplainedThe following elements are some guiding notes to help clarify the above sections:Subject: The subject of this unit will be chosen by the candidate.Key Critical Concepts: The concepts should arise and permeate throughout the unit (like democracy, freedom, and environmental influence). These should be explored through the unit and instruction.Launching Activity: This should be an attention-grabbing activity. The best of these are those that help to see the real-life relevancy of the lesson/ unit.Assessments: The unit should have a diagnostic assessment (for the beginning of the unit), formative assessments (formal or informal) and a summative assessment. These do not have to be classical paper-pencil but can be. Be creative AND appropriate.Course Map and Unit Map: The maps both demonstrate context (where the unit lies in a course and where the lessons lie in the unit). This forces collaborators to know where you are going and what is necessary before exploring particular topics.Unit Schedule: This schedule should give day counts, not a specific schedule (i.e. not attached to dates). It is best to show this in a table with topics of instruction, unique activities, and assessments.Resource Expectations: You should use a mixture of resources, including: technology where appropriate and possible, texts and hands-on activities.Lessons: The lessons should be connected by the unit and should build towards the accomplishment of the actual unit.EXAMPLE ATTACHED!!!!!!!!!!
.doc file | Presentation | 1 pages, Single spaced