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You have spent all semester hearing from me. Living in a course I designed. Havi


You have spent all semester hearing from me. Living in a course I designed. Having to deal with my power points, the articles I selected, the videos I made you watch etc. Now you get to pay me back and pay it forward. In this assignment you are going to pick a topic related to new/social media that you care about and that you think needs more attention. Most of your work this week is thinking/researching/planning and organizing what could be a course unit on the topic that I might use in a future version of the course. To be clear up front: your grade on this assignment does not depend on the topic you pick. As long as it concerns some aspect of new media and civic life im good. Your grade depends entirely on your project showing thought, research, reflection and organization. What you will be submitting is relatively small (around 2-3 pages) but it should show that you’ve really given this thought, that you’ve made choices and can explain those choices, and that you have a particular goal in designing your unit of study. So, here’s what you’re doing: First, pick a topic. Ideally it would be something I missed that you think is important. It could be anything, So it could be a social issue (online bullying, cyberstalking, fake news, etc) it could be some new media practice or endeavor (so, alternate currencies, ecommerce, online relationships, virtual reality/experiences, internet gaming) , regulation issues (like how to manage free speech/expression/art vs. hate or “profane” material, data management protections, net neutrality debates and so on) or a platform/company/industry that needs study. In short it can about anything. If you can ask yourself the question ” is this an important issue that future students ought to know about” and you answer “yes” then boom you’ve got a good topic Second, become an expert on the topic. Spend time learning about it. Read articles. Watch videos. Try to think of all “sides” and their positions (remember as a teacher you need to make sure you are presenting the whole picture, or as much as you can….so be careful to think through as many aspects of the topic as you can. Third, write the final project and make sure you include all the components and elements listed below. Your project MUST be submitted by December 16th at noon. I only have a couple of days to grade and submit final grades so you need to submit on time. Plan accordingly. Here’s what you are submitting: Your final project should consist of one uploaded document that includes: – a section explaining/justifying the topic that answers the question “why is this an important topic” (approximately 1 to 1 1/2 pages) – a “resources” section that includes links to AT LEAST three helpful websites that you might assign to students to review and understand the topic, links to at least TWO videos of no less than 5 minutes and no more than 45 minutes available online that you would assign students to watch, and ONE “academic” type essay that you would assign students to read. You can either include a PDF as an additional upload to your project submission OR a link to the article but it MUST contain the full article. Simply listing the reference is not sufficient. So, that’s links to at least 6 things (3 websites, 2 videos and 1 essay). The resources section MUST include a short (2-3 sentence) explanation of each of these choices…why did you select them. – an assignment that you would assign the students. You need two components here: 1) the assignment itself (written as if you were a teacher explaining the assignment to the student) and 2) short explanation written to me about why you’ve chosen this assignment, what its goals are, why you designed it the way you did, what i should grade on if I assigned it in the future. IMPORTANT: HOW I WILL GRADE THIS PROJECT Again, I want you to pick topics that you care about and that you think students should learn about. Your grade is not based on the topic you select. Your grade is based on your effort and my ability to see that you’ve worked hard to understand the topic and the best way to study it. So, here are important tips: – Be specific. Don’t use phrases like “its an important issue”. Explain why. Use numbers or explanation. Don’t create an assignment that just says “write an essay about cyberbullying” . Push yourself to learn the topic as if you were a teacher and really wanted to convey it to your students – Use quality resources. Do not just pick the first three websites you see. Make sure they are credible, relevant, have current information, and that they would be good resources for students. If you just list the most obvious websites I’ll know. you didn’t really research the topic. If the website is a paragraph long or written in a foreign language without translation or behind a paywall or not appropriate for a higher education setting it will be a problem. Its fine to select videos that have difficult content if its appropriate to the topic and selected mindfully (if you think you have an issue like that describe it in your explanation of why you selected resources). Again, keep thinking “if I were a teacher would this be what I assigned my students to study”. – Think about students. You are a teacher in this project, but you also have to think about students. Pick resources appropriate to their likely knowledge, abilities and interest. If you pick a super dense 40 page description of the coding structure Facebook uses to design its log in and it just looks cool cause its academic its not going to be “student-centered”.. – Set clear goals for the unit. Constantly think “what do I want the students to learn and experience and why do I want that”? It should be clear in your selection of resources and especially in the design of the assignment what those goals are. – Stay focused. This description has a lot of words and it makes it sound like you are researching for years and turning in a huge amount of things…but you are submitting ONE paper that includes: 1) a section explaining your topic choice, 2) a section identifying the resources (3 websites, 2 videos, 1 essay) that you would assign students and 3) an assignment that you design for students with an explanation of why you designed it that way. That’s it. As always I’m happy to answer any questions you have. Try to enjoy the project. You have all week to do it and nothing else from me to deal with. Know that the work you are doing will help me learn more and very well may be the basis of what I use to teach others in the future….so for me and for maybe them I’ll end by saying thanks in advance for the knowledge and do a good job with it so we learn as much as possible.