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You work for small Kelowna technology company, Innovation Plus (IP). The company

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You work for small Kelowna technology company, Innovation Plus (IP). The company is involved in the development of educational learning platforms that requires all employees to have what the owner refers to as creative genius’, a high level of competency in both creativity and innovation. A coworker of yours does not support the ‘team work’ initiatives that the organization plans to continue to engage. He has stated that working in groups hinders his creative thinking process.QuestionUsing your experience in organization behaviour, either support or refute the argument. Include a discussion of the inherent assumptions in your position and the position of your coworker. You must defend your view using content from the course readings and discussions. You want to make recommendations specific to this small Kelowna technology company. You want to ensure you provide five arguments (8 marks each) that are inclusive of specific OB terms, models, theories, methods, techniques, concepts, and practices you learned during this course. You want to ensure your perspective is persuasive, convincing, feasible and well supported by concrete examples.Before you begin writing you will want to consider the essence of each position and the conclusions drawn. How are the conclusions different? Do the positions agree on any significant points, and if so, what are they? What weaknesses can you find in both the arguments? Prepare your argument – keeping in mind what the other side may present – in order to defend your position and identify gaps and holes in their argument. Make sure you use specific course content to strengthen and support your arguments. You will want to ensure that your answer to the Critical Thinking Case Incident Question (PART I) does not repeat your answer to this Long Answer Question-Support or Refute (PART II). Since you can consult your course materials during the exam, be careful not to rewrite content from your textbook (refer to the online open book exam instructions). .doc file