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Your final assignment for GENE179 is to make a Personal Charter using everything

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Your final assignment for GENE179 is to make a Personal Charter using everything you have learned in Digital Citizenship this semester. A personal charter outlines identified issues and how to correct or tackle those issues. Think, “ways to live by”. This personal charter reflects your understanding of the 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship. This is a written assignment and as such please ensure formatting and spelling & grammar are paid close attention to. This is how your assignment should be formatted: Cover page (title, name, student number) You must have a section for all 9 Digital Citizenship Elements. Digital Access Digital Commerce Digital Communication Digital Literacy Digital Etiquette Digital Law & Ethics Digital Rights & Responsibilities Digital Health & Wellness Digital Security For each of the 9 elements, outline 2 issues that are impacting you, family, friends, community etc. For the issues that you identify, think of a solution or idea that can help solve the problem. For each element summarize what your biggest takeaway was and why. Here’s how it should be organized: Digital Element #1 (Make sure you state which element) Issue #1 Solution or idea for Issue #1 Issue #2 Solution or idea to for Issue #2 Summary of your takeaways of the topic and why (minimum 100 words) You should have 9 of these sections (one for each element)! Once this is completed, please write a 250 summary of your final thoughts on Digital Citizenship and the course itself. It can be anything you found useful, intriguing, things you wished you learned about, etc. I have included a template that you can download in order to have a better understanding on how to format and complete this assignment. You do not have to use this template, but it is a good starting point. Remember: Each of the 9 summaries should be at least 100 words. Your final reflection should be 250 words or more. This is the final stretch! You got this!