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1. Based on Chapter 10 “To Exhibit” in Museums in Motion: An Introduction to the

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1. Based on Chapter 10 “To Exhibit” in Museums in Motion: An Introduction to the History and Functions of Museums, define the characteristics of three types of exhibitions: permanent, temporary, and online exhibitions, and provide at least one example for each that you feel are interesting and that successfully communicated its theme. You may use different museums for each category.2. Based on Chapter 11 “To Interpret and to Engage,” in Museums in Motion, cite several elements of good interpretation and visitor engagement offered by Freeman Tilden, Edward Alexander, and/or the American Alliance of Museums to help museum develop standards and best practices. Provide at least two examples of recent museum initiatives that engage audiences in new and exciting ways, especially if you can speak from personal experiences.3. Based on Chapter 12 “To Serve and to Act” in Museums in Motion, discuss at least 3 examples of how authors, museums, or organizations have acted in socially conscious ways that serve the public, especially underrecognized or underserved audiences, either within their walls or out in the community. 4. Based on Chapter 13 “The Profession and Professional Practices” in Museums in Motion, describe several resources, policies, and publications that are provided by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) and other professional organizations such as the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH), International Council of Museums (ICOM), and The National Trust for Historic Preservation.5. We all have experienced radical changes in our lives this semester, affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Museums also have had to adapt quickly, especially after they had to close to prevent community spread. What has your favorite museum done to stay connected? Describe online exhibitions, programs, access to collections, videos, blogs, or other methods the museum has developed. Have you been able to learn new things? Have you been entertained? .doc file