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5 pages of text + 1 page annotated bibliography DUE TONIGHT by 11:59pm EST For y


5 pages of text + 1 page annotated bibliography DUE TONIGHT by 11:59pm EST For your final essay, you will be writing a 5-6 page research paper. With the addition of APA formatting pages (page 1= title page, page 2= abstract page, last page= annotated bibliography), your total assignment will be 8-9 pages. This may sound intimidating, but I will do my best to help you through it! The goal of this essay is to do research on themes in Americanah, so make sure you have a clear thesis statement to start out your essay (what your essay is overall trying to prove). You can research any of the main topics we’ve discussed in class, like race/racism, identity/hybridity, immigration/ integration/ assimilation, gender, feminism, etc. This assignment requires an annotated bibliography. Use the LIM databases to find at least 5 reputable sources to include in your bibliography, but you only need to use at least 2 sources in the final draft of your essay (still list all 5 in your bibliography though). In your annotated bibliography, you should have the citation for your source (use easybib or bibme) and then include a summary of the source and why you did or did not use it in your essay. You should have written about 150-200 words on each source. LIM databases can be found here: LIM database list. You will need to log in to LIM before you will have access to the databases. My recommendations are: Project Muse (journals/articles), ProQuest (news/newspapers), Gale (reference). Examples of thesis statements that would work for this essay: – Ifemelu’s experiences with race were fundamentally different than Dike’s because they were raised in different environments and found community in different ways. – A lot of Americanah discusses standards of beauty; in American culture, we continue to see difficulties with white standards of beauty and how they are applied to Black individuals. 12/2 we will go over databases and assignment in class 12/9** thesis and bibliography due! (You do not need to know which sources you will use or not, but you should have 5 sources listed) 12/16 full assignment due Rubric: Organization (clear thesis that carries through essay, well-organized paragraphs)= 25 points Research (essay applies research from at least 2 sources, uses examples from Americanah)= 25 points Annotated bibliography (thesis/ bibliography turned in on 12/9, 5 sources listed with summary/ why they were used in essay or not) = 25 points APA format and other formatting requirements (title page, abstract page, in-text citations, page count, font, grammar/spelling, etc) = 25 points Total= 100 points