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A final class paper introducing Spinoza and Hume’s ideas of freedom and free wil


A final class paper introducing Spinoza and Hume’s ideas of freedom and free will, quickly explaining how they each arrived at these ideas, and comparing/contrasting the two. The paper should have a clear thesis (introduced at the beginning), siding with Spinoza on these matters. The final section should focus on – and agree with – Spinoza’s claim that a lack of free will does not have dire implications for personal responsibility (you can briefly reference the philosopher Derk Pereboom’s arguments along the same lines). Other paper specifications: • Should be 8-10 pages long. Double-spaced. Normal margins and font (12 pt. font, New Times Roman). • Required research: at least three suitable secondary sources. These can be books or professional articles (this does not include blogs, and most websites). • Must have a clear thesis. It should NOT be about what a contemporary philosopher says about Spinoza and Hume. • Must have a BIBLIOGRAPHY. In addition, I will attach my professor’s lectures on Spinoza and Hume. These need to be cited for any basic info about the philosophers’ positions (any format can be used to cite them, as long as it is in Chicago style), but they DO NOT count as one of the three required secondary sources. Obviously, the philosophers’ works themselves don’t count as secondary sources either.