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Assignment Tasks Task1 – Submit assignment work proposal for this assignment aft


Assignment Tasks Task1 – Submit assignment work proposal for this assignment after 12 hours which must include:  Understanding of deliverables – a detail description of deliverables.  General overview of proposed plan – initial understanding of solution to task3 and task4.  Timeline for completion of the given tasks. Task2 – Methodology Selection (50 marks) a. Compare any two methodologies and select one suitable methodology for the proposed project. You are required to provide a detailed justification for choosing a particular methodology. If you are planning to use any diagrams from web, do remember to cite them. [15 marks] b. Using top down or bottom up or combined approach identify all the activities and any sub activities of the selected project and prepare a work break down structure (WBS) in sync with the selected methodology. Also implement WBS using any project management tool. You can refer to Moodle for the list/link of project management tools. [15 marks] c. Compose a reflective analysis report on the outputs generated by project management tool, for task2b. This must include a detailed analysis of: i. ii. Gantt Chart and Network Analysis Diagram Task 3 – Risk Analysis plan [20 marks] (30 marks) Using the IT Risk Framework in Figure 8.2, page no. 212, of Information Technology Project Management text book by Jack T. Marchewka as basis, Identify a total of five risks for each of the five phases of the IT project methodology depicted in the outer rink of the framework. Then, use the frame work for analysing each risk by moving from the outer ring to the center. Also for each of the five risks identified, discuss a strategy for managing each particular risk.Task4 – Project Cost Estimation. (10 Marks) Using the scientific method prepare project cost estimation for the non-functional requirements identified in assignment1
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