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Document for Analysis #2 – Refer to Chapter 6 – Adjustment Refusal (25 points to


Document for Analysis #2 – Refer to Chapter 6 – Adjustment Refusal (25 points total)Instructions:Review the three-part writing process section of Module/Chapter 2 beginning on page 57 for planning your business messages. Remember that planning starts with the audience analysis and that your message should contain three or four blocks/paragraphs (direct or indirect with buffer opening; content/reasons; goodwill and/or action closing).Step 1: List five (5) weaknesses in the ineffective negative/bad news message below denying an insurance claim (1-point each / 5-points total). The weaknesses should be based on the planning and writing skills learned in Module/Chapter 2 (1-point each / 5-points total)Step 2: Using the appropriate message outline to prepare and write the letter for an Indirect Order – Negative Message, Adjustment Refusal (appropriate document format/open/body/close).Step 3: Upload your revised file in Microsoft Word format. Use the message plan as a grading rubric to ensure you meet the highest level of competency.
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