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Essay #4: Claim of Policy Length: 750-1200 words (at least 750 to earn higher th


Essay #4: Claim of Policy Length: 750-1200 words (at least 750 to earn higher than a D) Number of Sources: 3-7 academically credible sources Value: 20% of the class Directions For our final essay, you will write a business letter about something that you would like to see changed. (For example, you may wish to write a local political official or a CEO, just to name a few.) Using everything you have learned throughout our course, create a business letter to someone with the administrative power to create this change. Remember, rather than simply convincing this reader, your writing should move this reader to action. Choices Consider your audience when you think about: How to present yourself How to formulate a case and support it with research How to arouse your readers’ emotions How to make the style of your writing contribute to the argument’s effectiveness Checklist The letter showcases the structural components of a complete college essay. The letter demonstrates careful consideration of appeals to logos, ethos, pathos, and style. The letter incorporates and engages 3-7 sources on the chosen topic. (It should not overly rely on one secondary source for most of the information.) The letter uses reasons and evidence strategically selected and arranged to strengthen its position with audiences. The letter addresses at least one possible refutation that threatens to weaken its position. In addition, each supporting paragraph is developed sufficiently with appropriate evidence, reasoning, and detail. Transitions are used effectively to connect ideas within and between paragraphs. Grammatical and punctuation errors do not impede or distract the reader from understanding the writer’s intentions. The letter follows a standard business letter format. The letter scores a similarity index of 20% or less.