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Essay #4: Structural Analysis of Chronicles of a Death ForetoldOver the course o


Essay #4: Structural Analysis of Chronicles of a Death ForetoldOver the course of the semester, you have learned how to write critical papers that embrace and offer thoughtful insight into literature. You’ve employed logical patterns of organization and demonstrated audience awareness and have confidently written expository and critical analysis essays in response to a variety of assignments. You’ve written three essays for an estimated total of 6,500-7,000 words. For the final essay in English 2, you will write an essay that critically engages with the structure of literature. From Latinx American Literature: Gabriel Garcia Marquez you learned about the structure of Marquez’s novella Chronicles of a Death Foretold. You also learned about the elements of applying structural literary theory (a.k.a. Structuralism) to a literary text: Structure of Chronicle of a Death ForetoldThe narrative techniques in Chronicle are at the core of the structure of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novella. The narrator uses a series of motifs: a chronicle of the murder divided into five sections, the characters’ memories of the event (i.e. not their interpretation but their recollection), and repetition and the notion of negative capability (e.g., capable of being given uncertainties such as mysteries, doubts). Structural symbolism:Five sections (e.g. unmarked chapters) of 24 pages each. The number 24 represents the 24 churches in the Catholic religion; each church represents a part of a greater whole. The retelling of the “foretold” death:Each section focuses on the recollection of Santiago’s murder; each section begins with the recollection that Santiago is going to die and ends with the fact that he was killed. Repetition and the notion of negative capability: The narrator tells the reader over and over again that Santiago died and the manner in which he was going to die. In other words, the content of the inside of each section does not change the outcome of the story; thereby, creating uncertainty and doubt in the memories of the characters about what they witnessed and experienced. Repetitive symbolismDreams, Birds, Flowers, the River, the Retelling, etc. Essay Prompt: For this essay, you are to consider the structure (symbolism, repetition, chapters, etc.) of Marquez’s novella and how the structure lends to the meaning of the story. In other words, the outcome of the story doesn’t change so why is the structure important? No outside sources are required, just dig deep into the critical aspect of the structure of the novella. Assignment Guidelines: Minimum 4 pages Must employ concepts learned this semester: Introduction as a road map for the essay. Academic essay structure (introduction, body paragraphs, so-what-factor, conclusion)
Literary elements: symbolism, metaphor, repetitions, themes, etc. Significance: why is the structure important to the meaning?
Must demonstrate: Academic tone (no personal pronouns)
Strong grammar and syntax (no vague pronouns)
Complex sentence variety Must use textual evidence from Chronicles of a Death Foretold
MLA In-text citations – properly formatted
MLA Works Cited List – properly formatted
Consider this essay as your final essay in the course and the culmination of all you have learned. In other words, submit your BEST work. Essay Due Dates: SUBMIT: Essay #4 Structural Analysis of Chronicles of a Death Foretold due Tuesday 12/15 by 11:59 PM. Most importantlyThis essay represents your FINAL in English 2. That said, be sure to submit your BEST essay for this assignment by adopting all of the concepts you’ve learned in this course and your key takeaways (your own golden lines) from the literary text. .doc file