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Final (Research) Paper: (Submission is due December 17) A desirable 3 – 5-page (


Final (Research) Paper: (Submission is due December 17) A desirable 3 – 5-page (double space) page research paper, with a topic that will be open to any issue raised in the course, or that deals with African religious traditions. It represents 30% of the final grade. The paper, with a topic of student’s choice, should be based on a thesis. The paper will be a defense of the solution/thesis, in which data are arrayed to show why the argument is correct. That is, students should consider a critical question that African religious dimension raises and propose an answer. This paper includes a half-page bibliographic list presented according to academic norms. Papers must be rigorously structured with an introduction stating the main research question/argument, announcing the road map of the paper. This should be followed by the main parts of the essay, and conclusion summarizing your case. An example of a road map paragraph: “to support my argument, I will divide my study into four units. In the first section, I will present this. Next, I will examine that… afterward, I will discuss … fourth, I will evaluate this…. Finally, I will draw conclusions about ….”