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Hello I need some help with my final for my Gov. class. Below are questions to c


Hello I need some help with my final for my Gov. class. Below are questions to choose from 4 must be answered from the list. The answers must be about a paragraph long roughly and if any information is from a site please attach the work site. This can be done in MLA format. Thank you CHOOSE FOUR:12.Discuss the entire process of how a bill becomes a law. Use real examples from bills passed by Congress. Why do most bills not become law?13.Discuss some of the powers of the President. Do any of his powers help him be an effective agenda setter?14. Discuss the difference between the merits and spoil system?15.Discuss judicial activism and restraint.Cite outside examples of each.16. Discuss the nature of search warrants? When are they needed and when are they not? Be sure to discuss cases where questions of this nature were decided in the courts?17.Discuss racial Gerrymandering and the purpose of a majority minority district?18.Discuss the eight step public policy model by relating it to a current policy problem.Examples include health care and guns education.19.Discuss the difference between a progressive tax and a regressive tax?Cite examples..Discuss the major elements of the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010.20.Discuss the differences between Realism Idealism and a Multilateral and Unilateral foreign policy.
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