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Hello,you are asked to hand in reflective writing along with your persuasive pap

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Hello,you are asked to hand in reflective writing along with your persuasive paper at the end of the course. The first two objectives for the course are that students should be able to “understand the rhetorical tradition of the good person writing and speaking well for the public good” and “apply this understanding of the rhetorical tradition to different contexts of public communication.”Your self-analysis essay is a way for you to concretely reflect on how you have done this in your own work, and to write persuasively about the successes you have had in fulfilling these objectives. Thus in this writing you will have the opportunity to look back at your own work, both in and out of class, to reflect on your own learning process and how well you have met the course objectives. You should use your final persuasive paper as the focal point, bringing in other assignments for reflection as you see fit. You may quote your own work for evidence, and you should try to be as specific as possible in your reflection.Now that you are finishing this class, how does your work as a whole reflect your ability to:Develop written and oral communication skills that enable you to express and interpret ideas – both your own and those of others – in clear language.
Identify, reflect upon, integrate, and apply different arguments to form good, independent judgments in public debate.
Conceptualize an effective research strategy and then collect, interpret, evaluate and cite evidence in written and oral communication.
Distinguish between types of information resources and how these resources meet the needs of different levels of scholarship and different academic disciplines.
Structure of this assignment:As you may have noticed, there is some overlap between these course objectives. You are welcome to go through them one by one in your essay, but you are not required to do so. Remember also that an honest assessment of your efforts, including areas where you think you could have worked harder or shown greater improvement, can in no way harm you and may even strengthen your letter. Alternatively, do not be shy about discussing the areas where you have done well—but make your argument persuasive by providing evidence from your own writing, and attaching that writing as addendums to your reflective piece. Please make sure to follow the instructions, You will find attached my course work so that you can quote it in the essay but please focus final persuasive paper. Thank you.
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