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Hi, I need someone to write my essay in which you need to support your discussio


Hi, I need someone to write my essay in which you need to support your discussion by citing a minimum of: one example from the lectures; one example from the required readings, and; one example from the required media — for a minimum total of three examples. I have provided the lecture, and a required reading, and the required media. Don’t use any other outside sources. In your text underline the beginning of your cited examples for ease of identification.PROMPT:Use examples from the course to critically analyze how – over the course of “Western” modernity — the social identities of individuals have transformed from “I am,” with use-value, to “I am a branded body,” with exchange value, to “I am the brand,” a spectacle with exchange value. Do you think that celebrities who make spectacles of their selves correspond with Foucault’s assertion in his critique of the repressive hypothesis that we are “Other Victorians”? – and why? Conclude with your explication of what Bartky would have to say about the thoughts, behaviors, and actions of an individual that is “the brand.”CITE: One example from required readings:- Foucault, Femininity, and the Modernization of Patriarchal Power, Bartky (Google online it’s 22 pages)One example from lecture:- CRITIQUES AND EXPANSIONS OF FOUCAULT ON
AND THE MEDICAL GAZE (PDF attached below)One example from media shown in lecture:- PHILOSOPHY: Michel Foucault by The School of Life (Link: Below)
.doc file