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I already wrote a proposal and have feedback on it. I need you to write the literature review part for the final project and link it to the research question. The research question is: What are the differences between 90’s rap music and today’s rap music? That is to say, I need you to write both the literature review and research question part, but the research question has been decided, and the research question part can be short. Your literature review section should:• Define key concept(s)• Summarize concisely at least 15-18 literature items (and explains how they were found)o Includes at least 10-12 scholarly sources, see more detail in the guideline files. A literature review is not the same as an annotated bibliography. While it may include summaries of the articles and books that you’ve read, it goes beyond this. Instead of listing the sources one-by-one, the literature review should weave the sources together almost as if they were pieces of a puzzle, that once complete tell the entire picture like a story.Literature review provides some foundation on what’s been done on the topic that you’re looking. you’re doing is identifying areas of Prior research/scholarship to prevent duplication and to give credits to other authors. looking for inconsistencies or a spot where your research project will fit in. What kind of gaps exist in the research what kind of conflicts are there in previous studies. what open questions have been left.
.doc file | APA | Research Paper | 5 pages, Double spaced