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I need 3 questions answered for an economic history final. Each question should

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I need 3 questions answered for an economic history final. Each question should be about a page long double spaced. if you quote or reference someone elses ideas you need to cite the author or authors. for our purposes please use Turabian style citations. Please be direct in your answers. State the answer (or describe the evolution) and then defend the answers with information from the articles attached below. Please answer with original work. Attached are articles to use as reference.The questions are listed below:Money plays an important role in economic history. Discuss how it has evolved. In doing so explain what problems money solved and what problems it encountered over time. What were the commercial banks roles in money’s evolution. Did this role differ from that which the central banks played?
How did the role of finance evolve over time? Consider we discussed the London Stock Market, banking, trade in medievil Italy and beyond, as well several crisis just to name a few ways of considering this question. The view of economic historians about economic growth both gdp growth and growth in gdp per capita has changed over time. How has it changed and why has it changed?
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