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I’m working on a anthropology writing question and need a sample draft to help m


I’m working on a anthropology writing question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.For your Final exam, you will create “something” creative (such as a podcast, painting, poem, song, play, theatre performance, interpretive dance or other form of dance, musical composition, etc) that interrogates at least TWO of the materials assigned for the semester. You may not selected any of the materials that you used for your Mid-term Exam. Your artistic creation can be anything of your choosing. Your artistic expression may be a dedication to the authors, the concepts they discuss, or how you relate to the materials. After creating your artistic item/expression, you will write a ONE-page single-spaced (or 2-page double-spaced) write up that does the following:Describes what the artistic piece is doing, is inspired by, or reflecting on If a poem or song, break down line by line of the poem and explain what it means (See for an example of this)
If a painting, describe the painting in vivid detail. Imagine you are describing it to someone that cannot see. Describe the colors, textures, visuals.
If a theatre performance, explain who are the major characters in your piece and what the main plot, climax, ending of the story is
If dance, you would be recording yourself for me to view, and then you would explain how each movement connects to your expression
For musical composition, instrumentals, etc, describe the emotions in the music and how the tempos connect to what you’re expressing. Imagine you’re describing it to someone that cannot hear.
Explains how the artistic piece connects to the materials you have chosen Explains the contributions the author have made and how those speak to your artistic creation Be sure to cite at least TWO reading/text/documentaries for your exam and use quotes and evidence from the text to support your art piece. .doc file