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I’m working on a poetry project and need a sample draft to help me understand be

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I’m working on a poetry project and need a sample draft to help me understand better.*…* POEM Choose a poem that you like and that is long enough to provide substantive material.
Read it out loud several times. Listen
for the rhythm. Figure out where the rhythm pattern breaks, which words
you end up stressing, and where the pauses are. Take a guess about why
the poet wrote the poem this way.
Decide on the rhyming pattern. Is
there rhyme? Label the rhyming sounds according to our letter system.
Take a guess about why the poet used that particular rhyming pattern.
How do the meter and rhyme influence the meaning of the poem?
Find the words or phrases that repeat.
Find where that repetition breaks (if it does). Why does the poet
repeat these words or phrases?
Find all the images the poem includes.
Look for color, texture, objects, time frame, and characters. Take a
guess about why those images are so important for the poem’s meaning.
Make a list of all the ways you would
describe the tone. Use the thesaurus and decide if any synonyms fit the
tone. Identify the words and phrases that create that tone.
Choose several of the most important
words in the poem. Look up synonyms for those words in the thesaurus.
Why didn’t the poet use those synonyms? Why did they choose those words
What does the poem look like on the
page? Pay attention to the white space, the length of the lines, the
punctuation, any images, and any formatting changes (capital letters,
bold, italics, and so on). What is the effect of the poem on the page?
What is your experience of the poem? What emotions does the poem evoke? What associations? How does the poem speak to your life?
Read through your analysis and come up with some kind of summative
statement about this poem. What is it trying to say, and how is it doing
that? Why did the poet write that poem that way? .doc file