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I’m working on a psychology report and need a sample draft to help me learn.writ

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I’m working on a psychology report and need a sample draft to help me learn.write minimum 2100 words I will link this issue to the labeling theory because that theory ties in perfectly with this issue and will help us further understand deviant and criminal behavior. I will tie in the functionalist perspective with this issue because functionalists believe crime starts with society as a whole and can be beneficial for society. In my research I will include discussion on how and why crime can be beneficial for the society if it is a major social issue.What is the social problem that you plan to write about? Include Spector & Kitsuse’s 4-stage model. Please identify the problem. How many people does it affect (prevalence)? What are the causes–WHY does this social problem exist?
What are its consequences to those afflicted? To society? Why is this an important social problem? Consequences both on a micro and macro scale.
What are the “risk factors” associated with this problem (i.e. who is more likely to have this problem)? What is known about the consequences of this problem if left untreated?
What are some possible solutions to alleviate this problem? What have other sociologists/researchers in the field proposed as a solution(s)?
Apply sociological theories/concepts and use at least one sociological perspectives learned from the book and research to gain a better understanding of this problem.
GUIDELINES:Paper must be at least 7-9 typewritten pages (the actual content itself), double-spaced, 12 point font Times New Roman.
You must use at least 6 scholarly sources (scholarly journal articles). Your course textbook counts as one of your sources.
You must cite your sources throughout your paper using APA format for in-text citation (See APA (Links to an external site.)). ALWAYS include your sources in-text citation (Remember—reading a journal article and making up your own sentence is “Paraphrasing”. You still need to give credit to the person(s) who wrote it) **Golden Rule: When in doubt, Cite!*** (paraphrasing is preferred over using actual quotes)
You must include a work cited (reference) page using APA Guidelines. NOTE–the work cited page does not count as the 7-9 pages.
You must accurately portray the nature of the issue.
You must explain what makes your topic an issue of social relevance.
You must explain the probable cause(s) of the problem (i.e. risk factors) as well as consequences on an micro and macro level
You must make use of appropriate sociological theories that pertain to your research topic in addition to utilizing at least one theoretical perspective (functionalist, conflict, feminist, or interactionist) throughout your paper.
You must discuss possible solutions to the social problem.
You must use an essay format–introduction, thesis, body paragraphs, and conclusion.
Make sure you proof read your paper for any spelling errors, grammar, sentence structure, etc.
Hello again, is the link to the book in case you need it, but its basically a research paper on all of the instructions I provided alreadyAlso if you can link LABELING THEORY and the FUNCTIONALIST PERSPECTIVE to the topic, that would be great:)
.doc file