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In this assignment, you will watch a 55 minute documentary entitled “Your Inner

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In this assignment, you will watch a 55 minute documentary entitled “Your Inner Fish”, which explores how the genetic and anatomical legacy of a fish can be seen today in the human body. After watching the documentary, you will be asked five questions about it. So that you know what to be watching for, here are the five questions you will be asked later:What did Sir Richard Owen notice about the organization of bones in the limbs of many animals?
Why are there historic fish fossils in what is now a dry valley in the Arctic?
Gill arches in a fish embryo develop into gills in an adult fish. What do gill arches develop into in adult humans?
What did Cliff Tabin’s team discover was the single cause of the production of extra limbs in John Saunders chicken embryo experiments from the 1950s?
What are two pieces of evidence that Neil Shubin used to support the idea that we are all just modified fish?
Note: The answers to these questions are found in the documentary in chronological order (e.g. the answer to Q1 appears before the answer to Q2 in the film).For the best experience, I recommend viewing the documentary from the PBS website. If that doesn’t work for you, you can view the documentary through YouTube (although the quality isn’t as good). To watch the documentary in a new tabClick here: “Your Inner Fish” – From the PBS Website (best video quality) (Links to an external site.)…or here: “Your Inner Fish” – From YouTube (worse video quality) (Links to an external site.)…or click on the YouTube video below (worse video quality).The multiple choice for the questions above are provided for you in the uploaded file. .doc file | Other | 1 pages, Double spaced