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In this final assignment you will compose an essay on any topic you wish within


In this final assignment you will compose an essay on any topic you wish within global history that incorporates the study of material cultural and/or the history of commodities. Your essay must build on the previous assignments incorporating the different aspects we have examined. Your paper must have a strong thesis and supporting arguments and evidence, it must incorporate a material object or substance, a primary source, and at least three scholarly sources (peer reviewed books or academic journal articles). Because this is a final assignment in lieu of an exam there can be no extensions. You should start with a broad question or topic and try to narrow it as much as you can. For example, think back to our lecture on diamonds – it narrowed to the debate over the Koh-i-Noor. That is a good essay topic. Some examples to get you thinking: What has been the environmental impact of the global demand for coffee? What impact did General Motors have on the auto industry? What effects did emerald mining have on the Indigenous peoples of Colombia? Were the treasures discovered by Heinrich Schliemann at Troy fake? Why are Gibson guitars so treasured by musicians? What have been the consequences of the pursuit of rare earth metals? Why did Japan try to limit its trade and contact with the outside world before 1858? Why did Saddam Hussein set the Kuwait oil fields on fire in 1991? Why did Britain’s attempt to establish a silk industry in the Americas fail? What have historians argued about the Voynich manuscript? What can we learn from the Sutton Hoo treasure? So, your choices are wide open. Your paper must adhere to the following guidelines: Format: 6-8 pages (approx. 1800-2500 words) 12 pt. font, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins. Footnotes using Chicago Manual of Style. 5% penalty if you do not follow these instructions. Include at least: One (1) primary source and three (3) scholarly sources. If you are describing a specific artifact, you must include an image.