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Learning diary on the book (I HAVE THE BOOK in PDF, so I will attach it) COURSE


Learning diary on the book (I HAVE THE BOOK in PDF, so I will attach it) COURSE BOOK: World Psychiatric Association: Improving Mental Health Care: The Global Challenge. Edited by Thornicroft, Ruggeri, Goldberg. Pg.3-208 & 317-438. The idea of the learning diary is to begin to think about the ways to use the information you learned from the book and to link the new information from the book to what you already knew about the subject. The learning diary does not have to be written in academic style. Read the book and choose four topics of your interest. Write a learning diary of max. 10 pages, answering the following questions on each topic: 1. A short description of the topic: what does the book say about it 2. What did you know about the topic before reading the book 3. Have you got any experience of the topic? And / Or have you read something related to the topic on newspapers (or heard in the news) lately? 4. What new scientific information can you add to the topic (find scientific literature on it: at least one paper!) 5. Do you agree or disagree with the writer of the book (regarding the topic)? On what grounds do you agree/disagree