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Many things have happened since the War of 1812. As you should have read and stu

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Many things have happened since the War of 1812. As you should have read and studied, the impact on Native Americans was profound. Some of those events were: 1793 – Eli Whitney improves the cotton gin 1796 – Tennessee becomes a state 1803 – Louisiana Purchase 1803-1815 – Napoleonic Wars in Europe 1808 – End of legal slave importation 1811 – Steamboat service begins on the Mississippi River 1814 – The Battle of Horseshoe Bend 1817 – Mississippi becomes a state 1819 – Alabama becomes a state Going back as far as necessary, gather your information together to think about how many different factors came together to lead to the Trail of Tears. Starting with the Louisiana Purchase, the Market Revolution and the War of 1812, you should see a clear path of anti Indian policies and events. Now the country has elected Andrew Jackson, who used his celebrity from the War of 1812 and as an Indian fighter to propel himself to the highest office in the land. In this discussion you will examine the Battle of Horseshoe Bend and make some decisions about how this all came together to lead to the Trail of Tears. Use all of the information you should have studied to this point. Read The Battle of Horseshoe Bend: Collision of Cultures from the National Park Service. Make sure to read all of the documents and watch all of the videos. Also, do some research on what happened to the Creek confederacy between 1815-1836. Then use all you have learned to respond to these questions: What about the era of the late 1700s and early 1800s led directly to the Indian policies and removal. Be specific, incorporating some of the bulleted items above into your discussion. What did Jackson’s popularity and his ability to ignore the Supreme Court reveal about European American attitudes toward American Indians during the early 19th century? There are those who say the removal was inevitable. In your opinion, based on what you have learned, was it inevitable? Argue your position. Your main post should be a minimum of 400 words.