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Material for the Essay: -Coakley text – Chapter 14-Taylor Branch – The Shame of

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Material for the Essay: -Coakley text – Chapter 14-Taylor Branch – The Shame of College Sports1-Interview with Damini Leech from the NCAA-Interview with Jeff Vibbert, former IUPUI student-athlete-Documentary videos “Pony Excess”, “The Best that Never Was”, and/or “Foul Play: Paid in Mississippi.” -Two additional readings/articles/videos that you’ve found arguing whether or not college athletes should be paidYour question here is a straightforward one: Should college athletes be paid? This is an argumentative essay, where I am asking you to take a position on this issue. It does not need to be an “absolute yes,” or an “absolute no” – but I do want a declarative statement about what you think about this. Under this umbrella of “should we pay athletes” are the sub-questions of: Why or why not? What does it mean to be an amateur? What is the mission of higher education? How would we go about paying athletes? Who gets the money? Where does the money come from? Once you say “yes, no, or maybe” to this question, you’ll find out that all of these questions and more come to the forefront. This is the discussion I want you to present.As with all of the other essays, you need to use the reading and video material to develop your discussion – make sure to hit all of the things the grading rubric asks for. You do not need to use both YouTube videos and both interviews – use a range of the material of your choice. However, you MUST include something from the Branch reading.One additional thing that must be in your essay are TWO additional sources you find on your own that addresses this issue of whether college athletes should be paid. These can be from any source – just provide the link as a footnote or endnote as to where you found the source.