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My topic if cotton. The commodity outlook report is the major writing assignment

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My topic if cotton. The commodity outlook report is the major writing assignment for AGBS170WS. An outlook report is an industry analysis that typically provides a review of recent events and a look into the future for a certain commodity. Many outlooks also contain related issues if interest for their readers. For example, it is common in wine industry outlooks to have a section that focuses on land prices. Ultimately, what you choose to include in the outlook report is up to you, but remember your target audience are people likely to attend a conference for your commodity: growers, input suppliers, marketers, etc. and the topics should reflect their interests. Since, I am always asked, the report should contain 5-10 pages of text (this excludes the prefatory materials, reference list, and appendices (if any)). I know a lot of you are looking at the 5 pages as a goal, but keep in mind that you need to be COMPLETE as well. If I feel you’ve left useful content off the table, you will not receive your best score. There are certain requirements for the outlook report: Title Page Abstract (on its own page) Table of Contents List of Tables and Figures At least one table At least one figure Proper use of headings Proper citation and reference style (the Chicago Manual of Style is the required approach) Times New Roman 12-point font One-inch margin on all sides Page numbers included (except on title page) Use left justification (so the right edge is “jagged”) Grading for the assignment is split equally among three categories: Content (33.33%) – the relates to the actual information contained within the document. The content is appropriate for the intended audience and presented in a logical manner. The material is sufficient to convey the message intended. Readers are not left wondering, “So what?” or “what if … ?”). Format (33.33%) – The actual look and presentation of the document. Proper formatting requirements are followed. The graphics are clear, easy to read, and consistent in appearance/style. Spacing, font, etc. are appropriate and it gives a feel of professionalism. Style (33.33%) – The readability of document. Proper spelling and grammar use used. The document reads well with goo