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Need a 600-800 word Op-Ed article about “What does the future of the internet lo


Need a 600-800 word Op-Ed article about “What does the future of the internet look like for the Google’s Next Billion Users Business?” Google has a business called Next Billion Users, a growing unit charged with building products for people, often in developing markets, like India, Thailand, and Nigeria, whose first encounter with the internet has yet to come. The business applies design principles and develop new products intended to help users who aren’t familiar with the typical iconography and language of the web, and builds products primarily for the smartphones this group is likely to be using, as opposed to computers. Here is their website with more details: Op-ed should be written in a journalistics format and focused on the future of internet and how it will possitively impact the next billion user’s business (1), it’s products (2) and people/ communities that are benefited by it’s products/ services (3). Tone should be light, positive, optimistic and cheeful, making it look like a Google Executive wrote it. Don’t use difficult/ technical language, and try to be as clear as possible, specially to people that don’t have English as their first language.