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Outline The Black philosophers discussed in class are presenting a critique or c

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Outline The Black philosophers discussed in class are presenting a critique or counter-narrative of specific philosophical problems within a certain historical context. As part of the larger philosophical tradition they are also responding to a conversation (discourse) within the Black intellectual tradition. In your estimation, why is this conversation (discourse) within and beyond the Black experience significant to the larger presentation of philosophical traditions and schools of thought? This conversation (discourse) can relate to a specific authors/philosophers and their presentation of philosophical ideas (meta-philosophy) or it can directly relate to the overall philosophical themes discussed in class (i.e. racism, education, etc.). Critically analyze and examine: •How a specific philosopher addresses the philosophical problems within the Black philosophical experience as it relates to the larger philosophical tradition. (Is there a Black Philosophy? and if so, what makes it a Black philosophy and why is it necessary? How does Black Philosophy relate to Black Studies?) With this in mind: You must include at least Four Philosophers from class–The choice is yours. 1.Provide biographical information on the philosopher(s) under discussion to clearly establish any academic or philosophical connections. Continued —> 2.Present/introduce the basic philosophical concepts or thesis of the philosophers examined as it relates to the Black experience and to the specific time period they were responding to. 3.Explain the placement of the works by African American philosophers discussed in class within the African American philosophical tradition and the overall philosophical traditions (i.e. schools of thought). 4.Explain and examine the conceptual problem(s) presented in a given philosopher’s arguments. What is the author’s purpose/objective of presenting certain conceptual problems? (You chose the philosopher, but be sure to fully explain their arguments and the reason why YOU chose that specific philosopher) Overall, I am looking for a well thought-out, clearly articulated argument defending your position of the above mentioned questions pertaining to the reasons undergirding the philosophical concepts and themes discussed in class and in the required readings. 4 philosophers I want to choose are Alain Locke w.e.b Dubois William a banner and Benjamin e Mays