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PART 1: 3 pagesThe paper mainly focuses on disaster capitalism and social moveme

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PART 1: 3 pagesThe paper mainly focuses on disaster capitalism and social movements rising against it during COVID-19.Guide:You will center how that concept and that topic are reflected in the following:Grassroot and regular people’s responses to health and economic crisis.Example: topic: disaster capitalism;concept: the infrastructure of extraction;people’s response: Puerto Rico’s environmental justice movement.The writing focuses on how to relate it helps to understand the COVID-109 crisis while centering it on a feature of people, a national/local policy approach to the pandemic, differing global approaches to it, or grassroots/common people’s responses to health and economic crisis.Create a storyline that introduces the concept, follows one of the four approaches (featured people, policy approach, global approach, grassroots response), gives at least one clear example, and provides clear and concise arguments. Your conclusion can include resources to follow up, provocative questions that are left unanswered, or a call for action based on your arguments.PART 2: 2 pagesHowever, along the way, we want to see how you conducted your research, what elements you chose not to include in your project, what interviews you conducted, and so forth. Along with your research paper, you will submit a research portfolio. This portfolio should include:Why did you choose to focus on this research? For e.g., why focus on people locally vs. a global analysisWhat obstacles have you faced?Any research material gathered, such as interviews, additional sources to your midterm annotated bibliography, and notes on how you are incorporating these elements into your final project.Brief notes (these can be bullet points) annotating the research and analyzing how they fit into your final projectA 1-2 page analysis that clearly states the aims of your research and its relationship to your paper. .doc file