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Perform 4-5 pages market study for assessing the viability of a new study progra

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Perform 4-5 pages market study for assessing the viability of a new study program Master of Science in “Digital Marketing”. The market study should be based only in secondary research (no primary data required) The university which is considering to open the new study program is Canadian Institute of Technology Proposed structure of the research: (4-5 pages in total). SECTION I – Assessing the ability of Canadian Institute of Technology to provide this new program SECTION II – Country-level (Albania) Industry trends and projections § Wage potential, job counts, and growth of the industry § Analyze job postings for professional insight into program development (the most commonly listed skills) § Ongoing employment and career opportunities – Alternative and related job titles § Refer to INSTAT/ Other public data/ reports/ available research studies SECTION III – Competitor analysis § View the programs offered by competitors to estimate interest, popularity, and need § A more in-depth research of the programs offered by competitors in order to determine how the program offered by CIT may be differentiated to offer a unique value proposition § Compare how CIT can compete with the competitor’s programs in terms of tuition rates, scholarship offerings, etc. SECTION IV – International-level research § Global-level employment: telecommunications engineers now § The Future of Jobs Report 2020 World Economic ForumREFERENCES
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