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QUESTION 1 Match each of the following terms with the correct definitions. – A.


QUESTION 1 Match each of the following terms with the correct definitions.
– A. B. C. D. Globalization – A. B. C. D. State-Sanctioned Violence – A. B. C. D. Environmental Justice – A. B. C. D. Ecofeminism A. The process and increased ease with which peoples, cultures, countries, and ideas integrate and interact with one another and spread throughout the world B. Various forms of violence that are produced by or the result of structures and systems enacted by a sovereign governing body C. Movements that understand negative impacts on the environment as not only a scientific but also a social problem D. Movements that draw connections between negative impacts on the environment and gender oppression 1 points QUESTION 2 Match each of the following terms with the correct definitions.
– A. B. C. D. Gendercide/Feminicide – A. B. C. D. Dehumanization – A. B. C. D. Ableism – A. B. C. D. Politics of Respectability A. Targeting and extermination of a group based on their perceived (nondominant) sex or gender B. One of the eight stages of genocide C. Defines and normalizes both who and which traits are considered abled, and therefore who and which traits are considered disabled, producing exclusionary conditions for people who have or are perceived to have disabilities. D. Internalizing external norms, standards, and systems of oppression such that a minoritized community starts to police its own behavior 1 points QUESTION 3 Match each of the following terms with the correct definitions
– A. B. C. D. Social Model of Disability – A. B. C. D. Medical Model of Disability – A. B. C. D. Official religion – A. B. C. D. Lived religion A. Asserts that people themselves are not disabled; rather, it is society who disables them; emphasizes working towards a society that is more inclusive of people with disabilities/different abilities B. Emphasizes protections offered to persons with disabilities; includes the rehabilitation model; focuses on securing and improving healthcare to which people with disabilities are often denied access C. Religious practices dictated by the ruling class; institutionalized religion D. Everyday religious practices people do in their daily lives 1 points QUESTION 4 Which of the following genocides does the United Nations “officially” recognize?
The extermination of Native peoples throughout settler colonialism Chattel enslavement The extermination of the Rohingya in Myanmar None of the above 0.5 points QUESTION 5 Which of the following is true about “homonationalism?”
It is MOST ACCURATELY defined as when a minoritized group internalizes dominant/normative expectations and oppressive structures. Trans people cannot be homonationalists. It can be most accurately defined as a system that emphasizes ableist notions of belonging and productivity. It can be most accurately defined as gay and lesbian rights platforms that present gay people as ‘good citizens’; ‘just like everyone else,’ and aims to procure rights for the most ‘respectable’ members of the gay community 0.5 points QUESTION 6 According to our authors, religion is objectively different than magic.
True False 0.5 points QUESTION 7 According to Meredith McGuire and Talal Asad, which of the following is true?
It is possible to produce a definition of religion that is completely exhaustive and comprehensive. Understandings of religion have changed throughout history, geography, and context. The best definitions of religion are always neutral. It is impossible to study or understand religion. 0.5 points QUESTION 8 UC Riverside resides on which land?
0.5 points QUESTION 9 Native boarding schools no longer exist in the United States.
True False 0.5 points QUESTION 10 In 3-5 sentences, explain how religion can be used as a tool of the oppression AND as a tool of liberation. Provide one example of each.
3 points QUESTION 11 In 2-3 sentences, describe the relationship between globalization and ONLY ONE of the following:
– Colonialism – Sustainability – Feminisms(s) – State-Sanctioned Violence 3 points QUESTION 12 BRIEFLY define state-sanctioned violence IN YOUR OWN WORDS, and give one example.
2 points QUESTION 13 Which of the following is an example of (trans)homonationalism?
Al-Fatiha’s platform for LGBTQ+ rights Irshad Manji’s platform for LGBTQ+ rights LGBTQ+ movements that center same-sex marriage as their main platform All of the above 0.5 points QUESTION 14 According to our course materials, which of the following is the BEST strategy for combating genocide and collective violence?
Empathy Education Relying on entities such as the United Nations that were founded in response to genocide Multiculturalism 0.5 points QUESTION 15 Match each of the following with the correct definition.
– A. B. C. D. Xenophobia – A. B. C. D. Islamophobia – A. B. C. D. Violence produced through knowledge and communication – A. B. C. D. Structural violence A. Hatred or discrimination towards strangers or people who are or perceived to be foreign B. Hatred and discrimination towards Islam, Muslimness, and people who are or are perceived to be Muslim C. Discursive colonialism D. The notion that there are covert/invisible forms of violence, and that not all violence is merely physical 1 points QUESTION 16 In 2-3 sentences, and in YOUR OWN WORDS, explain one or more of the similarities Jasbir Puar detects between disability studies and trans studies.
2 points QUESTION 17 In 2-3 sentences, explain why, according to our course materials, it is important to rethink how genocide is traditionally defined? Use at least ONE ADDITIONAL key term in your answer.
2 points QUESTION 19 According to Dakota 38, how many TOTAL people did Abraham Lincoln execute in the aftermath of the “Dakota War of 1812?”
QUESTION 20 In 1-2 sentences, explain the most important thing you learned in this course, and why.
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