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Request: The request consists of answer 6 questions related to Canadian Culture

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Request: The request consists of answer 6 questions related to Canadian Culture based on the professor provided PowerPoints together with your external references. A total of 6 questions need to be answered as it follows : 4 short essay questions ( each 300 words) and 2 longer essay questions (each 600 words). All these answers should be provided in a double spaced Times New Roman, 12 APA format document. You can write the answer in only one Word document, but make sure you clearly state where each answer it. You MUST use the professors materials which will be provided and to mention from where the information was taken (will upload the powerpoints). Even so, these lectures contain brief information so in addition you will have to look for other academic references and cite them accordingly. The following represents the questions:Short Answers (300 words each)Is Canada a “northern country”? What are some of the problems with defining Canada’s identity in these terms?
What is the colonial mentality? In what ways does Canadian culture grapple with this idea?
What is post-colonialism? Please discuss some of the tensions inherent in defining Canada as a post-colonial space.
In this class, we talked about the idea that Canada might be a country of regions. What does this mean? What are some different ways of understanding regionalism?
Long Answers (600 words each):One of the recurrent themes of the course has been the constant tension between the idea of a unified national culture in Canada and the idea of fragmentation. What are some of the strategies the state and others have used to construct a unified culture in Canada, and what are some of the ways this has been resisted?
In this class, we address different forms of memory and political issues around what we remember and how we remember certain things. Making reference to memorials, tourism, and the national subject, please talk about some of these tensions around memory.
Thank you very much for your support. Your help is highly appreciated Stay safe
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