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Review photographic categories from the chapter in the text. We also talked abou

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Review photographic categories from the chapter in the text. We also talked about them in class this week. The categories would include portraits, snapshots, events, landscapes, citiscapes, photojournalism, abstraction. Using your cell phone or iPad take a photograph corresponding to five of these categories.Present your photographs in a Powerpoint with an explanation of how each one relates to the relevant category.Students will research the work of Duane Michals and emulate his storytelling method ofphotography. Michals uses the camera to tell stories and to dig deep into the human experience.The use of visual narrative is evident in the art of all cultures throughout history.1. After researching Michals work. Invent your own story.2. Like a comic book or a movie, think about images that would depict your story. Your story should be at least eight to ten images with accompanying text to tell the story.3. Make this a fun project but also a thought provoking project.4. Get your friends and family to assist you.5. Upload your images and story into a PowerPoint Presentation. This PowerPoint is due on Canvas on November 8th. Revisions will take place where needed.6. Upload to Canvas.There are many cheap apps that you can also use to make vintage looking photographs.choose any photoe
.ppt file