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Select a film that features a moral problem in medical ethics. Write an essay th

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Select a film that features a moral problem in medical ethics. Write an essay that consists of your analysis of the ethical dimensions of the film that you select to discuss. To do this effectively, you will need to include a well-reasoned analysis of the story and its characters.Your film analysis should feature the application of one of the following moral theories listed below:Virtue Ethics
Utilitarian Ethics
Moral Sense Theory (Conscience)
Social Contract Theory
The Ethics of Care
Kantian Deontological Ethics
Moral Relativism
Paper FormatTitle Page – In APA format, include your paper’s title, your name, and your institution (i.e., ___ College), in that order. APA formatting and style prohibits the use of academic titles following one’s name.Introduction – Provide a brief synopsis of the film.Ethical Analysis – Apply one ethical theory to the medical moral problem presented in the film. First, describe this ethical theory in your own words, using our readings as textual evidence for your explanation of the moral view. Next, discuss how this ethical theory could provide solutions or recommendations for remedying the ethical problem featured in the film. In your analysis, be sure to address the following questions:What medical moral problem is present in the story?
What moral values are reinforced in the film?
Are there instances of moral values in conflict with one another?
What moral guidance does the ethical theory that you selected provide the characters in the film?
Reflection – Summarize what you have discussed in the essay and reflect on what you have learned. Lastly, discuss how what you have learned could be applied to your professional and personal life. Note – Your paper must be double-spaced, 4 pages in length, and written in Times New Roman using 12-point font.