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Summative Assessment #5: Emotions Watch the documentary called You Are What You

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Summative Assessment #5: Emotions Watch the documentary called You Are What You Act. Watch it online at (, or you can download the CBC Gem app and watch it on your mobile device. Use what you have learned in this part of the course (neuroscience of emotion: fear, aggression & impulses, expressing & feeling emotion) to write a 1000 word critical review of this documentary (single spaced, 12pt arial font) in the space below. In your critical review, you should draw upon what you have learned in this section of the course to both argue in support of the theory that the way that you act with your body could influence your emotions, cognition, and behaviour, but also discuss critiques/limitations of this same theory. Your essay should clearly demonstrate the breadth and depth of your understanding of the concepts related to fear, aggression, impulse control, and other emotions through your effective use/discussion/application of the concepts/ideas/terms/examples that we have covered in this course. Please ensure that your essay is written in complete sentences and uses the P.I.E. method to organize your ideas into body paragraphs sandwiched between a clear introductory paragraph at the beginning of your essay and a clear concluding paragraph at the end of your essay. Please note that you do not need to cite or reference information that you retrieved from the assigned reading/documentary, the lectures, or your own personal experience. Do not retrieve information from other outside sources.