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The Signature Assignment for this course will be 10 page paper in which you use


The Signature Assignment for this course will be 10 page paper in which you use the PRECEDE PROCEED Model (PPM) to develop an original prevention program to address the disease DIABETES. The 10 pages excludes the cover page and references. Your paper must include each phase of the PPM. To guide your thinking, the following items should be addressed in each phase: Phase 1: What are the population’s perceived needs? Phase 2: What health problem(s) is/are the most critical to address? What research supports this? Phase 3: What internal and external factors influence the health problem(s) identified in Phase 2? Phase 4: What are the predisposing, enabling, and reinforcing factors that act as supports for or barriers to changing the factors you identified in Phase 3? Phase 5: What policies and resources could help or hinder implementation? Phase 6: How will you implement the strategies for change? In other words, how does your program work? Phases 7-9: How will you measure if the intervention is proceeding according to plan (7), if it’s having the intended impact on the factors from Phase 3 (8), and whether the intervention is impacting the issues identified in Phase 2 (9). You must use a minimum of 5 sources. The following formatting rules must be followed: Double-spaced with 1-inch margins and typed in 12-point Times New Roman. Include a cover page, reference page, and section headings. Proofread for spelling and grammar mistakes. Use APA style. Your paper must have an introduction and conclusion. You do not need an abstract for this paper.