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This is an essay about writing a different essay. Original essay was about the e

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This is an essay about writing a different essay. Original essay was about the effects of Native American Boarding schools. Tells a story: There should be a coherent and clear narrative to follow, in whatever format you decide to use. Uses the sources: You should engage with all of the sources you uncovered in your I-Search process to tell this story. Highlights the voices of your historical subjects: Incorporate quotes from primary sources. Make sure we understand the perspectives of the historical subjects you researched. Represents you: This final version should also represent you in some way. You get to choose the format—it is up to you how to tell the story. I’m leaving the format up to you because I really want the project to be interesting and fun for you to complete. I don’t really like reading 50 versions of the same paper—I want to hear how you interpret your sources, how you craft a narrative, which elements of the story you consider to be most important. I want to hear from you! Sources Used for original paper “Indians No Like School.” Webster City Freeman, August 08, 1911, Accessed December 2, 2020. “Indians Who Refuse to Be Civilized.” The Saint Paul Globe, December 20, 1903, Accessed December 2, 2020. Child, Brenda J. “The Boarding School as Metaphor.” Journal of American Indian Education 57.1 (2018): 37-57. Fletcher-Janzen, Elaine, Tony L. Strickland, and Cecil R. Reynolds. Handbook of Cross-Cultural Neuropsychology. New York, NY: Springer Science & Business Media, 2000.