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Throughout this course, we have learned different examples of social inequality

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Throughout this course, we have learned different examples of social inequality that are still present in our society and how inequality is so bad for all of us. I like for you to identify one social inequality- variable (gender, social class, race, or ethnicity) and back up with at least 3 recent academic examples. And please explain how a policy along with academic sources has created social changes. My advice is design your paper of creating solutions on how a policy could minimize social inequalities in our society. Your final research paper should consist 4 pages, formatted in APA style including at the last page – work reference. use this topic :The United States is full of immigrants, refugees and people who come looking for a better future. The United States thrives on these people to do the jobs that no one wants to do, supplying us with food and basic needs. Over the past 4 years, the current president of the United States has done everything he could to try and stop any type of immigration, from separating families, trying to have a Muslim ban, and even stopping many programs that help refugees. Over the course of this paper, I will be talking about some policies and topics in immigration that have changed these past four years, even if some have changed back to what they were. Some of the topics that I chose to talk about are asylum, refugees, work/student visas and DACA.