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topic:Our personal status being exposed in our society by the big data. Which ha

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topic:Our personal status being exposed in our society by the big data. Which has both side of positive and negative situation that creates different ways for us to identify ties and nodes on our social network. If big data analytics being used by government/ enterprise, our privacy become lower or not to exist.around 13 pages A completed final project will include the following:1. A clearly definedresearch question;2. A review of therelevant literature(most of which may come from the course itself);3. Atheory sectionbreaking down the idea behind your answer to the research question;4. One or a series oftestable hypotheses;5. Aresearch designthat proposes and/or tests (if possible) one, some, or all of these hypotheses.6. A presentation and discussion of your empirical results, if you have them, or the importance of your empirical results, if you do not, and how they help us answer, or potentially re-approach, the study of social networks at large.Your final project should culminate in a paper that is 13 pages (12 point Times NewRoman font, double spaced, with 1 inch margins), not including your works cited. To ensure you make progress on this project, you will submit three brief memos. The first will be a project pitch memo thatchecks your project on generating a research question and diving into the literature. This memo will beshort – maximum 1 page, double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font with 1” margins. The secondwill be a short annotated bibliography (2-4 sentences per source) of 5-10 sources from the relevant literature that you will be drawing from in your project. .doc file