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You will Answer 2 of the following questions. You should prepare each of the que


You will Answer 2 of the following questions. You should prepare each of the questions as part of your studying to make sure that you will be able to answer the essay in the allotted time. Remember that short answer essay questions must be answered in full sentences, using clear writing. That means no outlines, abbreviations, bullet points, or lists should be used.1.There are four components to understanding and defining a psychological disorder. Describe these components, and how they are used to determine what is and is not a psychological disorder. How is this different from the views that were part of the supernatural tradition?2.Choose one of the models of abnormal behavior presented in the text and discussed in class (genetic, neuroscience, behavioral and cognitive). Briefly describe this model, including the basic assumptions regarding the cause of mental disorders. What are 2 criticisms of this model?3.Assessment is an important part of studying different mental disorders, and there are a number of different assessment methods used today. Choose 2 of these methods and describe them briefly. Compare them by identifying the advantages and disadvantages of each method. 4.Research on diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders must be evaluated in terms of the research methods used. The validity of the study depends on the type of research design that is used. Define internal validity. What is the best research method for achieving high internal validity? What is the worst method in terms of internal validity?5.What are the criteria and symptoms of specific phobia? Be sure to identify each of the criteria and how we may distinguish “normal fears” and a true phobia that requires treatment.
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