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You will now organize your original essay into a recognizable essay format with


You will now organize your original essay into a recognizable essay format with an Introduction, Thesis, Topic Sentences, PIE Paragraphs, and Conclusion. The only sources you need to cite are Dweck and Miranda in MLA format. You will also reflect on your experiences during this semester by writing an additional section of the essay that will answer the following questions:Did you accomplish your goals for this class, including improving your writing confidence and your study skills?(the answer is yes)
What aspects of the class were the easiest and the most difficult for you to accomplish and why?(the reading were easiest for me, and writing were most difficult for me.)
In of view of what you have learned from your readings and research about your relationship to the environment and overconsumption, what personal habits have you changed or do you intend to change? How will you try to teach others about the problem? (i learned about the solar energy from my research and i realized that global warming was cited as a key issue that is
likely to impact current and future generations. we have to protect the environment. )
Your revision should be at least one additional page in length, a minimum of 4 pgs.I am not very good at writing, just try to do the revision for my essay, thanks!
.doc file