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Your paper will provide an overview of a city, including contemporary issues and

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Your paper will provide an overview of a city, including contemporary issues and problems, using the terms and concepts developed in class. Though you are free to select your muse from any number of major cities throughout the world, I urge you to pick a city with a significant historical record. Your paper should provide a good overview of the ‘evolution’ of your city from its incipiency to its modern day incarnation. As this is primarily a descriptive assignment, your paper must provide sufficient detail to provide the reader with a sense of how the various aspects of the city have come together to give it life. At a minimum your paper must contain sections on demography, economy, politics and government, social structure and culture (including religion). There may be some overlap between each of the sections, however, please proof read the paper to eliminate major redundancies. The paper must also include introductory and concluding remarks. The introduction should, well, introduce the city, the reasons why it was chosen, provide some sense of its history, and discuss its place in the modern world. The conclusion should summarize the previous sections and speculate about the city’s future (e.g. is it a dying city or does it have a promising future, and why). Attached is the full guidelines for the paper along with midterm/final exam review that lists some key concepts and ideas covered in class that should be in the paper