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Over the last few decades, indigenous groups have actively sought to assert thei


Over the last few decades, indigenous groups have actively sought to assert their rights to land and resources through formal land ownership. By gaining formal tenure rights, indigenous peoples hope to obtain greater autonomy in environmental governance and natural resource management, as well as leverage vis-à-vis other actors. Write a short ARGUMENTATIVE paper in which you apply concepts, ideas and examples discussed in this course, to make an argument on whether or not (and how/why not) formal land tenure has helped or could help indigenous peoples in their struggles over land and resources in ONE of the cases discussed in the articles below. List of articles to choose from: List of articles to choose from: 1. Chávez, M. and C. López (2018) Women Rebel in Tariquía, NACLA Report on the Americas, 50(4):408- 410. 2. McSweeney, K. and Z. Pearson. 2014. Prying Native People from Native Lands: Narco Business in Honduras. NACLA Report on the Americas 46 (4):7-12. or I need you to look through the syllabus and identify which topics you’d like to talk about with regards to one of the articles above and then message me with the topics so that i can send you the necessary articles to use as sources. ********Please don’t bid on this project if you are unsure how to write it. I really need this ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY to be the best you can do as this is a final paper and worth a lot. I am willing to pay a little more if you are sure that you can provide a quality paper, and I will only do so after I read through the paper. I would do this paper myself, but I have so many other assignments all due throughout this week and have no time. Please look at the guidelines thoroughly to understand the grading rubric on this assignment. *********NOTE: YOU MUST USE CONTENT FROM THE COURSE ARTICLES THAT I WILL PROVIDE AFTER YOU MESSAGE ME WITH THE TOPICS YOU WANT TO INCLUDE FROM THE SYLLABUS