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1. To what extent have Japanese multinationals competed successfully in differen


1. To what extent have Japanese multinationals competed successfully in different
international markets, and which major factors explain these achievements and
For each of these questions, whenever relevant and insightful, you are encouraged to make
cross-industry and cross-country comparisons amongst Asia Pacific multinationals, and to
employ lessons from international business theory and research. Consider therefore a number
of perspectives, including the aims of multinationals and international business strategies;
major differences between industries and types of business; the degree of global versus
regional control, and changes in operational control over time; the competitive advantages or
capabilities of multinationals compared to those of rivals; variations in management,
organization, and operations between home country and host nations; the comparative
abilities of Asia Pacific multinationals to compete in various international locations, and their
ability to adapt to changes in policy and markets; and the policies of home and host
governments, and their very different effects
Requirements: .doc file | Analytical Review | 4 pages, Single spaced