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BOOK REPORT ASSIGNMENT Write a book report that analyzes this book (Culturally a


BOOK REPORT ASSIGNMENT Write a book report that analyzes this book (Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning: Classroom Practices for Student Success by Sharroky Hollie document attached) based upon information you have learned in your courses and your own experiences. What do you agree with? What do you disagree with? Cite specific passages to support your beliefs and provide detailed examples to support your opinions.
What challenges do you anticipate with implementing culturally & linguistically responsive instruction? What are some solutions to overcoming these challenges?
Create a plan for implementation of culturally & linguistically responsive instruction, including your grade and content area of licensure. Explain how this book can be used as a resource in your plan. Reflect on your own biases that could stand in the way of effective implementation. How will you use the resources included in the appendices?
ELL TRAINING ASSIGNMENT Select, read and report on four articles or resources from the following credible sources: Dr. Jill Kerper Mora’s MoraModules, available online at (Links to an external site.) – Some of the material is available for free, but a more full course of modules is available for $10 for 60 day access.
Alternately, you may choose articles and resources available at (Links to an external site.)
Post a two to three paragraph summary of which articles or modules you selected and what you learned. REFERRAL PROCESS AND MEETING ELL’S NEEDS ASSIGNMENT This assignment has 2 parts. Part 1: Research the specific referral process in your state (Texas) in order for LEP students to qualify for ESL or bilingual services. Compare it to the more general process explored in the course text (Identification of ESL/Bilingual Students document attached). What’s the same? What is different? Part 2: Choose one culture of students that you are likely to serve in your classroom that is different from your own cultural background. Research specific ways that you can best teach and reach students from the cultural background you choose. To help get you started there are several scholarly articles in the appendices of this course that can be used as a jumping off point. You will need to provide additional credible sources for your research. State your grade and content area of licensure. (Social Studies grades 7-12)
How will you meet the needs of the English learners from the cultural and linguistic background you choose?
How can you create an inclusive classroom environment?
Are there suggestions you can implement from the book you read for section 1 of this course?
Discuss some instructional approaches you can use. Make sure to include some approaches that are specific to your content area.
ACCOMMODATIONS FOR ELLS Select an existing lesson plan that you have created or write a new plan that includes a section on accommodations specifically for English Language Learners. Include in the plan: The grade and content area in which you are pursuing licensure (Social Studies grades 7-12)
Any staff or technology resources you will need to implement accommodations
The theoretical approach(es) that underlie your chosen accommodations
A plan to assess learning for the ELL that is fair and equivalent while responding to the specific needs of ELL learners.
SERVING LGBTQ STUDENTS ASSIGNMENT Research the legal landscape and determine what legal protections are available to LGBTQ students in your state. Then write a position paper that outlines: The legal position in your state (Texas)
Whether or not you agree
If you do agree with the current legal status of LGBTQ students in your state, how will you defend it? What challenges (legal or otherwise) might you foresee?
If you do not agree with the current legal status of LGBTQ students in your state, how will you comply with the laws in a way that respects the laws and creates a supportive learning environment without compromising your conscience?
THEORY OF TEACHING ESSAY Review all the material you have learned throughout the program, paying special attention to the theoretical orientations described in 5200. (TX 5200 Educational Philosophy and Learning Theories document attached) (As a reminder, you can access your prior coursework by clicking “Courses” on the left side of Canvas, then “All Courses”.) Spend some time reflecting on philosophies and theories of education and methods of teaching. What was of greatest interest to you? What will have the greatest impact on you as a teacher? Write a one to one and a half-page (approximately 500-800 word) essay integrating what you have learned in your research and describing your personal philosophy and theory of teaching. You should list at least one philosophical orientation and one educational theorist, although you are not limited to one of each. To support your position as to why you align with the philosophy and theorist(s) you selected, cite at least two outside sources.
Requirements: .doc file | APA | Other | 3 pages, Double spaced