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Discussion Prompt InstructionsOverviewThroughout the course, you will submit Ref


Discussion Prompt InstructionsOverviewThroughout the course, you will submit Reflective Responses to an instructor-provided prompt. Within each module, you will prepare the response that is well thought out and exemplifies that you have really thought about the issue.Reflective ResponseJacqueline Barden was shopping for school clothes with her children when her purse and automobile were taken. In Barden’s purse were her car keys, credit and debit cards. Immediately after the purse and care were stolen, Rebecca’s Mary Turner attempted to use Barden’s credit card at a local Exxon gas station, but the card was declined. The gas station attendant recognized Turner because she had previously written bad checks and used credit cards that did not belong to her. Turner was later arrested while attempting to use one of Barden’s checks to pay for merchandise at a Wal-Mart where the clerk also recognized Turner from prior criminal activity. Turner claimed that she had not stolen Barden’s purse or car. Instead, she said that a friend had told her he had some checks and credit cards and asked her to try using them at Wal-Mart. Turner was convicted at trial. She appealed, claiming that there was insufficient evidence that she committed credit and debit card theft. Was the evidence sufficient to uphold her conviction? Why or why not.Instruction and GuidanceYour response should be one page, double-spaced, in length.
***It is just an entry-level law course, so please don’t please use too complicated terms. Thank you so much.
Requirements: .doc file | Discussion | 1 pages, Single spaced